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Cellular Input Guard

  • Monitor ten dry contact inputs

  • Monitor power

  • Each input can be individually programmed to be N/O or N/C

  • Receive a text message when an input changes state

  • Low battery warning

  • On board memory stores up to 6 months of readings

  • Receive alarm texts directly from the CM706E

  • Uses 2FF Mini SIM

  • Free technical support

  • Two year warranty

The Cellular Input Guard is used for monitoring dry contact switch closures.

The Cellular Input Guard can monitor up to ten (10) inputs which can be programmed as N/O or N/C.

The Cellular Input Guard will send you a text message when an input is tripped or in alarm.

The CM706E is available for the AT&T® / TMobile® or the Verizon® network. 

Customers can supply there own cellular plan from your current AT&T®, TMobile® or Verizon® provider.

Cellular plans must include SMS (text) messaging, data is not required.

Please feel free to call or email us for assistance in selecting the best model.

​CM706E for Verizon Network: $895

(requires Verizon SMS plan)

CM706E for AT&T GSM Networks: $895

(requires AT&T SMS plan)


Available Options

Alarm relay output: $20

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