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Data Capture

Data Capture is our free software application that is used to program all Temperature Guard units, collect data from them and send out alert email and SMS messages.  All software operate on Windows only.

Data Capture will post data to the web which you can access via Android and IOS apps. (IOS $10)

Data Capture works with the following Temperature Guard models:

  • VM605E Refrigerator/Freezer Guard

  • CM705E Cellular Refrigerator/Freezer Guard

  • VM606E Input Guard

  • VM608E Computer Room Guard

  • VM610E Property Guard

  • M303, M304, M305, M306, M307, M308

Key Features

  • View real time temperature/humidity data

  • Backup battery voltage from each device

  • Maintains secure data log files for all data

  • Easily create and print graphs over specified time periods for any data

  • Receive alarm emails that specify the cause of the alarm and how long it has been active.

To successfully install Data Capture you absolutely MUST: Right click on the executable and select Run As Administrator!

Take some time to download and read the manual before installing Data Capture!

Data Capture now has the ability to post data to the cloud giving you the ability to view it on an Android or IOS device. (last 5 readings will be available)

Data Capture Downloads (Clicking the link below opens a window to Google Drive where you can download the software)

Data Capture (6.0.13 published 6/2024) Data Capture 6 is the latest revision that incorporate many suggestions from our customers.  

Revision History

Data Capture Lite (1.3.0) Use this version If you do not have administrator privileges.  This is the Lite version of Data Capture, it does not collect data, it is used to setup and program Temperature Guard units.


TG Status (1.3.9)  TG Status allows you to download the data log file from Temperature Guard units.  It does not allow for programming or changing settings which is perfect for users who need historical data only.

TG Report (1.1.16 published 12/2022)This program allows users to create reports from the data log files collected by Data Capture.  Perfect for users who do not have access to Data Capture

TG Graphing This program is similar to TG Report.  The only difference is that the report it creates is on one page and it is written in Java.

Previous version of Data Capture

Data Capture  (5.4.11) Our main software which is required to program our Temperature Guard products.  Data Capture runs as a Windows service and requires administrator privileges .

Smart Phone Apps

TG Program allows you to program VM605E, VM705E from you phone.  (Sorry, not available for IOS)

Get the Android app

TG Cloud App is used to access data from the cloud (Data Capture posts the data)

Get the Android app

Get the IOS app

TG Status App for our Refrigerator/Freezer Guard (also the VM610E, 505E, VM510E)

Get the Android app

Get the IOS app



Screen Shots

Screen Images (click on arrows to see more screen shots)

VM605E Status App

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard status app

VM605E Status App

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard status app graphing capability


Data Capture's main screen showing all data being collected and it's status.

Reports (Medium)

Data Capture's built in reports

DailyHiLo (Medium)

Daily HIgh/Low temperature report generated by Data Capture

TG Report screen shot

Screen shot of TG Report analyzing data collected by Data Capture


TG Cloud App

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