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Testimonials from a few satisfied customers

As I reply to a page from a patient, I am reminded how much comfort your Temperature Guard monitor gives me.

I purchased and am still using the monitor unit from about 20 years ago. It was purchased after a vaccine refrigerator went bad over a weekend and I lost too many vaccines and too much money.

It was the best business investment I have made, by far.

For as long as I have had it connected, I have never lost another vaccine due to a temperature excursion. These days, I am also doing Covid-19 research, and have purchased many thousands of dollar’s worth of material that must be stored frozen. This one unit, which can have up to eight probes, protects that research freezer, as well as three other storage units.

The customer service is genuinely fantastic:  a real person (Jim) picks up quickly and really knows the product.

I have no hesitation whatsoever about highly recommending this product for anybody who needs to monitor the temperature of anything in a reliable fashion. It honestly allows me to sleep better at night time.

Thanks again.

Brian xxx, MD, PhD
Hearts and Minds 20/20
Chicago, IL

Division of Public Health, Immunization Branch | North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services:

North Carolina Department of Health has approved our Refrigerator/Freezer Guard and our Cellular Refrigerator/Freezer Guard for use for vaccine temperature monitoring and data logging.

​​A customer at the Watkins Health Services | The University of Kansas emailed the following:


"Hope all is well.  For our student health accreditation we get surveyed every 3 years.  The surveyors report was great and they liked how we were tracking temperatures of our devices.  Thanks in part to the features available through Tempguard hardware/software.  Thank you for having a great product."

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