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Approved for use by the North Carolina Department of Health

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Cellular Refrigerator/Freezer Guard

  • Monitor the temperature in up to eight refrigerators, freezers, coolers, or rooms with .1° resolution

  • Monitor local temperature and humidity with integrated sensor

  • 4 dry contact inputs

  • Low battery warning

  • On board memory stores up to 6 months of temperature readings

  • Works with our Data Capture software

  • Access temperature remotely via phone app or SMS

  • Receive alarm texts directly from the CM705E

  • Uses 2FF Mini SIM

  • Free technical support

  • Two year warranty

Apps available for Android and iOS

The CM705E is available for the AT&T® and Verizon® networks. 

Customers supply there own cellular plan from a major carrier.

Cellular plans must have SMS (text) messaging.

In addition to the choice of cellular providers, you have the choice of how the CM705E can connect to your network via wired or wireless Ethernet.    

Please feel free to call or email us for assistance in selecting the best model.

Heading 1

​CM705E: $895

(requires a SIM plan from a major carrier)


Temperature sensors are not included.  Available sensors can be seen here.

Optional NIST Certificate: $40

(NIST: National Institute Standards and Technology)

Available Options

Alarm relay output: $20

Wired Ethernet

Wireless Ethernet


You need to know immediately if the valuable product stored in your refrigerator or freezer is going to spoil due to an equipment failure or a power outage that knocked out your cooler and office network.

The CM705E will come to the rescue and immediately notify you via a text message sent directly to your phone.  Text message will be sent even during a power outage as long as the cellular network is available.  The CM705E has battery backup that will last up to 4 hours.





  • Monitor up to 8 refrigerators, freezers, blanket warmers, room, etc with one unit.

  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor to monitor local conditions.

  • Monitor 4 dry contact inputs/water sensors.

  • Rechargeable battery backup lasts up to 12 hours.  Low battery indicator via text message, buzzer.

  • Continuous on-board temperature recording and logging can store up to 6 months worth of temperature data (4150 records).

  • Programmable high and low temperature alarm limits for each refrigerator/freezer/cooler.

  • Programmable alarm time delay for each sensor.

  • Simple field calibration of all temperature and humidity sensors.

  • LCD displays real time data.

  • Includes our free Data Capture software.

  • NIST traceable certificates are available for the unit and temperature sensors.

  • Wide temperature monitoring range: -328°F to 392°F.


  • Maximum temperature sensor range: -328°F to 392°F, -200°C to 200°C

  • Factory calibrated range -148°F to 78°F (-100°C to 25°C) to less than 1 degree

  • Field calibration can be performed at one point

  • Measurement resolution 0.1°

  • Sensor Type: 1000 Ohm Platinum (.00385 TCR)

  • Low battery warning

  • Optional 0.5a 125vac alarm relay output

  • Internal alarm buzzer: (85dB)

  • Rechargeable battery backup included

  • Plug-in power supply, telephone extension and Ethernet cable included

  • Operating temperature range 32°F to 125°F

  • Enclosure Dimensions: 5.0" x 7.5" x 1.75" (W x L x H) Keyhole mounting holes 10cm on center

  • 2FF mini SIM.  The cellular plan requires text messages enabled, it does not use data. 

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