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The VM606 Input Guard is used for monitoring dry contact switch closures.


The VM606 can monitor up to eight (8) inputs which can be programmed as N/O or N/C.

The VM606 will call you and tell you when an input is tripped or in alarm.

With the VM606E you can receive emails and text messages using our Data Capture software.

Temperature Guard VM606E.jpg
  • Monitor 8 dry contact inputs

  • Monitor power

  • Each input can be individually programmed to be N/O or N/C

  • Receive a phone call when an input changes state

  • Record an identification message for each input

  • Can be ordered with and without the Ethernet adapter

Feel free to call us if you need more information or to order

Apps available for Android and iOS

VM606E Input Guard

​VM606E: $755

VM606: $725

(No Ethernet adapter)


The Input Guard is a simple to use, 8 dry contact input monitor with built-in telephone dialer in a single package.

The VM606 monitors eight dry contacts inputs such as switch closures, magnetic door or window switches, thermostats, fluid level switches and motion sensors.

Each of the eight inputs can be configured to accept normally open or normally closed contacts.

Inputs are monitored even when power is off using the VM606's internal 24 hour battery backup.

Program a time delay for each input to prevent nuisance calls.

Each input can be configured as N/O or N/C.


  • Input Type: Dry Contact

  • Number of inputs: 8

  • One, 0.5a 125vac alarm relay output

  • Internal alarm buzzer: (85dB)

  • Program 8 twenty digit phone numbers

  • Rechargeable 24 hour battery backup (note: the inputs are monitored while on battery power)

  • Plug-in wall transformer, splitter and telephone extension cable included

  • FCC Approved and Registered

  • Operating Temperature Range 32°F to 125°F

  • Enclosure Dimensions: 8.790" x 4.620" x 2.255

How Does the Input Guard Work?

There are three parameters that need to be programmed for each input. They are whether the input is normally open or normally closed, the amount of time to wait after the input changes state to go into alarm condition and a recordable message describing the input.

Input alarm condition example
Input 1 has been programmed to be normally open with a 10 second time delay. The contacts wired to input 2 closes. After the input is closed for 10 seconds, the VM606 goes into alarm condition and begins to make emergency phone calls. The VM606 will call all of the programmed phone numbers until the PIN number is entered. If an answering machine answers the phone, the VM606 will leave the alarm message, but it will not stop calling. Once all of the phone numbers have been dialed, the VM606 will wait twenty minutes and then retry all phone numbers.

Input alarm message
"Warning alarm has been caused by input 1" & your recorded message & "enter your PIN number"

Can an Input Guard and an answering machine or fax machine share the same line?

Yes. To have the answering/fax machine answer the phone, program the Input Guard to answer the phone on the 5th ring. To access the Input Guard, call the number and let the phone ring 3 times. Hang up and wait 20 seconds. Call the number again and on the 2nd ring the Input Guard will answer.


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