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Temperature Guard VM605E.jpg

VM610E Property Guard

  • Receive telephone alert calls if temperature rises or falls

  • Monitors power

  • 24 hour battery backup

  • Monitor the temperature of up to eight areas

  • Calibrated range 16°F to 382°F

  • LCD display shows all temperatures at one time

  • No monthly monitoring fees

  • Free technical support

  • One year warranty

  • Apps available for Android and IOS

​VM610E: $715

VM610E with NIST calibration certificate: $745

(valid for two years)

Temperature sensors are not included.  Available sensors can be seen here.

Accurately monitor temperatures from 16°F to 382°F

Apps available for Android and iOS

Feel free to call us if you need more information or to order


You need to know immediately if the valuable products are going to spoil due to an equipment failure or a power outage that knocked out your cooler and office network.  The Property Guard is what you need.

Connect the Property Guard to your network and our free Data Capture software will collect temperature data, store the data, and send out alarm emails and text messages.

The Property Guard along with our Data Capture software will alert you to trouble by:

• Sending alarm emails and text messages.

• Calling you on the phone and tell you there is a temperature alarm, plus you can call it anytime and hear the current temperatures.

• Calling you if the power goes out or a door is left open.


* NIST: National Institute Standards and Technology

Apps available for Android and iOS


  • Maximum temperature sensor measuring range: -328°F to 762°F, -200°C to 405°C

  • Calibrated range 16°F to 382°F (-9°C to 194°C) to less than 1°F

  • Field calibration can be performed at one point

  • Measurement resolution 0.1°

  • Sensor Type: 1000 Ohm Platinum (.00385 TCR)

  • 0.5a 125vac alarm relay output

  • Internal alarm buzzer: (85dB)

  • Eight - twenty-digit alarm telephone callout phone numbers

  • Rechargeable twenty-four hour battery backup included

  • Plug-in power supply, splitter, telephone extension and Ethernet cable included

  • FCC Approved and Registered. Requires analog phone line.

  • Operating temperature range 32°F to 125°F

  • Enclosure Dimensions: 8.790" x 4.620" x 2.255"

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