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Temperature Guard has been making quality products since 1977. We currently specialize in Food Service, Medical, and Industrial grade applications. We offer quality products from a family business.

Wiring Diagrams

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Using CAT5 Twisted Pair for temperature sensor connections

Using CAT5 Twisted Pair for temperature and humidity sensor connections

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard - VM605E

Cellular Refrigerator/Freezer Guard - CM705E

Cellular Monitor - CM712

Computer Room Guard - VM608E

Wireless NetGuard - M307


Temperature Alarm MA412

Wiring Diagrams for Retired Products

Refrigerator/Freezer Guard Wireless NetGuard M305
Humidity and Temperature M306

Computer Room Guard VM508E
Refrigerator/Freezer Guard VM505 and VM505E
Input GuardVM506
Property Guard VM510
High Temperature Guard VM520
Power and Temperature Guard VM540
Refrigerator/Freezer Guard NetGuard M303
Server Room NetGuard M304