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Temperature Guard has been making quality products since 1977. We currently specialize in Food Service, Medical, and Industrial grade applications. We offer quality products from a family business.

Property Guard VM610E- $699

  • Receive telephone alert calls if temperature rises or falls
  • Monitors power
  • Built-in Web App and free Data Capture software
  • 24 hour battery backup
  • Monitor the temperature of up to eight areas
  • Calibrated range 16°F to 382°F
  • LCD display shows all tempertures at one time

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This product needs external sensors - none are included.

You need to monitor the temperature and be immediately notified any time, day or night, if the temperature goes out of range. The Property Guard will call up to eight phone numbers or pagers to notify key personnel of a problem. Call anytime and hear the temperature of any sensor.

With the Property Guard, anyone can quickly and easily set up a monitoring system.

Install the VM610E in a convenient location to power and a phone line.

Place the temperature sensor in the area you would like to monitor and connect the two sensor leads to the VM610E.

Follow the simple programming instructions in the manual and you're up and running!

With the advanced VM610E model, you can set up a distributed data logging and monitoring and alarming system.

From your desk you can automatically collect and report temperature data from down the hall as well as all over the world. The data can be graphed as well as exported to an Excel spread sheet. Comes complete with software and Ethernet cable.

  • Use one VM610E to monitor up to 8 temperature zones.
  • Built in rechargeable twenty-four hour battery backup.
  • Continuous on-board temperature recording and logging can store up to 30 days worth of temperature data.
  • Programmable high and low temperature alarm limits for each refrigerator/freezer/cooler.
  • Programmable alarm time delay for each zone.
  • Recordable identification message for each zone.
  • Field correctable temperature readings.
  • LCD displays real time data.
  • Uses a standard analog phone line.
  • Includes our free Data Capture software.
  • NIST traceable certificates available for VM610E unit as well as all temperature sensors.
  • Wide temperature monitoring range.

What is the minimum I need to buy to build a monitoring system?

  • One VM610E.
  • One temperature sensor such as the BP, BP-V, orR.

Extension wire if the sensor is located more than 10' from the VM610E.

How does the Property Guard work?

Example 1: Temperature alarm condition
There are three items that need to be programmed for each sensor before monitoring can begin. The items are:

  • High alarm temperature limit (i.e. 85°F)
  • Low alarm temperature limit (i.e. 60°F)
  • Alarm callout time delay in minutes (i.e. 5 minutes)
  • Alarm reminder time delay (i.e. 2 hours)


A room temperature sensor is installed in a server room. The high alarm temperature limit is 85°F and the low alarm temperature limit is 60°F. The callout time delay is 5 minutes. 

The temperature raises to 86°F.

After 5 minutes the Property Guard will turn on it's alarm relay (which you can connect to a security panel) and buzzer and begin to make emergency phone calls. The Property Guard will call all of the programmed phone numbers until someone enters their PIN number. If an answering machine answers the phone, the Property Guard will leave the alarm message, but it will not stop calling. Once all of the phone numbers have been dialed, the Property Guard will wait twenty minutes and then retry all phone numbers. The Refrigerator/Freezer Guard will continue this calling pattern until the PIN number is entered.

If after the PIN number is entered the temperature is still out of limits for 2 hours, the Alarm Reminder Feature will make the Property Guard begin to make emergency phone calls again.

If the temperature in the server room goes back within limits the Property Guard will stop making calls, and turn off the alarm relay and buzzer.

The Temperature alarm message
"Warning server room temperature is 86 degrees and has been out of limits for 5 minutes. Enter your PIN number" ( server room portion of the message is recorded by the user).

If the alarm condition is acknowledged but the temperature is still out of limits after the Alarm reminder time delay has expired, the Refrigerator/Freezer Guard will begin to make emergency phone calls.

If Data Capture is installed and running, an alarm email and or text message will be sent. The alarm condition will be saved in Data Capture's database.

  • Maximum temperature sensor measuring range: -328°F to 750°F, -200°C to 398°C
  • Calibrated range 16°F to 382°F (0°C to -8.8°C) to less than 1°F
  • Field calibration can be performed at one point
  • Measurement resolution 0.1°
  • Sensor Type: 1000 Ohm Platinum (.00385 TCR)
  • 0.5a 125vac alarm relay output
  • Internal alarm buzzer: (85dB)
  • Eight - twenty-digit alarm telephone callout phone numbers
  • Rechargeable twenty-four hour battery backup included
  • Plug-in power supply, splitter, telephone extension and Ethernet cable included
  • FCC Approved and Registered. Requires analog phone line.
  • Operating temperature range 32°F to 125°F
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 8.790" x 4.620" x 2.255"

Sensors that you can use with the VM610e:


Please see the Sensors and Accessories page for ordering.

You can also use the Door Sensors and the Strobe light (RL-B)

You may also need extra wire, as most sensors come with only 10' and the R sensor comes with no extra wire.